Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31st, 2011

Things have been quite uneventful out at the rescue for the past few weeks! This is a good thing, really. Horses have been happy enjoying the long, warm days. The usual volunteers and boarders have been out doing their usual things. We love summer!

In construction news, Jim built an awesome new addition to the facility. We now have a 60-foot round pen. It's built right into the oldies' pasture, so it's convenient to all. What fun! Now we'll be able to work on some of those important groundwork basics with ease! Pictures will be forthcoming!

Jim also figured out some nice techniques for watering the arena. During these dry months, the arena can get pretty dusty. The new watering system can cover the whole arena without any overlap! Also awesome!

The Brain Tumor Walk for Laurie was also a success! Katie, Joey, Becca, Dylan, Adrienne, Jim, Nathan and Dylan all caravaned from the barn to attend the walk in Willamette Park. It was a beautiful day, and it was a real treat to meet Laurie and other family members! The hot dog roast was also a blast, and we'll put some pictures up of that soon, too.

And here are some pictures of our rescue residents. There are 20 of them, in total. Seven are young and healthy! Many of these horses are permanent residents, but some are available for adoption!

Yuma, Quarter Horse mare

Braveheart, our sweet, older gelding with a bad wheeze. 
Dreamer, older Quarter Horse mare
Granny, our beautiful Belgian
Tempest, our blind appy mare (her pal Juliet is lurking behind her).
Boss, one of the four fillies, looking wonderful this summer!
Cameo, older Arabian mare
Hobbit, young and adorable Haflinger
Katie Mae (aka Black Beauty!)
Rose, Arabian mare
Vanilla Bean!

Delilah (her adoption didn't work out, so she's back at the rescue)
World-famous Peanut Butter Boy

Shannon, one of our elegant Thoroughbreds
Spendy, our other lovely Thoroughbred mare

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder--the last day to register for the Brain Tumor Walk is August 17th! Walk for Laurie, who has been dealing with this for the last nine years. Her great attitude and spirit help inspire Jim to keep the rescue going. The walk itself will benefit the National Brain Tumor Society, and our goal is to raise $1,000.

Here's the link for registration:

After the 5k walk, we'll have a hot dog roast back at the barn! Everyone is invited--we want all the Hytyme volunteers and friends to meet Laurie. We hope to see you then!
More news from the barn coming soon, too!