Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 13th, 2011

This weekend brought all the regulars--Katie, Sam (who is feeling better, yay!), Becca and Joey, Kassi, and some of our newer volunteers, too. Sasha was out to work with Vanilla Bean and Ada, too. There are two new girls, another Katie, and Kari. Kari is a student at Estacada High, and she is a good rider. She'll be working with Velvet. Katie plans on being out at the barn most Friday mornings. Both are great additions to our wonderful crew of volunteers!
Chuck and Anthony were out to trim hooves, too, and Jodene came out to see Abby and get her feet done as well.

Things were a bit more quiet on Sunday. Buddy and Hope both got some exercise in the arena, as did Story. The wind started to pick up around 4, and pretty soon, the wind was blowing sand all around the arena. Jim was in the first barn, and rain blew in through the doorways, soaking all the horses who were standing inside.

Katie and Sam had to hold Story and Charm inside. For the most part, the horses were very good--those in the big field decided to stay in the open. For the humans, it was hard to decide where to be.

The winds were close to 80 miles per hour! Yikes!

The storm showed up really fast, and it knocked down branches and powerlines all over the area. Here's a news story about the storm: Clackamas County 3/13/11

At the barn, an oak tree came down, and the storm also about half a plum tree next to Jim and Sherry's house. A few trees blew down at the far end of the pasture, on the trail, but those weren't too damaging.

The heavy winds took down much of the electric tape around the fences, so Jim and Katie had to go out in the rain to fix them. Jim and Sherry went almost 24 hours without power. The horses in the big field went through part of the fence and went out to graze in the portion of the field that's fenced off for now. They were all very happy about that. Later, Jim will open up a smaller field, to start getting the horses used to the grass again after this long, wet, windy winter.

There are more storms in the forecast this week, so let's hope that none are as crazy as this one!

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