Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14th, 2012

Hello again! We've had a great stretch of warm weather, but fall is on the way. All the hay for the winter has been delivered, the horses are getting fuzzy, and the leaves are starting to turn. 

Things are great at the barn! The Hytyme Drum horses did very well at the Oregon State Fair last month, and we're looking forward to the arrival of Alex's horse as a new boarder. Jim's been working hard on the area behind the arena. It was filled with weeds, chunks of concrete, and dirt left over from the arena's construction. Now it looks like this:

Despite the small signs that fall is on the way, it's been extremely hot and dusty for the past few weeks. We're not complaining just yet--the mud will be back before we know it! There are also several fires around the northwest contributing to our hazy skies. Here are some scenes from Hytyme over the past few days. Lots of horses, lots of dust!

Dust dust dust!  A video of the arena sprinklers and Hytyme residents in action.

And here is Coal, who is sharing his old horse mush with some friends.