Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29th, 2011

Fall is here! There's a crispness to the air, and the horses are starting to get a trace of fuzz to their coats. Although we won't miss the really hot days, it's a little disconcerting to think of the mud coming back so soon.

Last weekend, Hytyme and our lovely thoroughbred mare Spendy made an appearance at the Eagle Creek Farm and Feed customer appreciation day. Here are some pictures of our fun outing:

So, here's how the day went: in the morning, Jim and Kassi brought Spendy to the feed store. Spendy got to meet and greet visitors (as her counterparts in the next paddock had to give pony rides all day). Spendy was a little nervous in her pen, and she wasn't thrilled by all the activity. Although she did make some new friends, by the afternoon, Spendy had enough. So Jim loaded her back into the trailer and took her home. He returned with Gideon, who seemed happy enough to mingle with the crowds (and the chickens).

All in all, it was a great day at Eagle Creek Farm and Feed. We made some new friends (hi Wick and Sharon!), and had some delicious barbecue.

In other news, Alex has been working well with Peanut Butter Boy. Here are some pictures of their latest training session:

Good work, Alex and PBB!

And lastly, one of the arena sprinkler timers didn't go off the other night. We've got a small lake to contend with in the arena. However, Jim did get a cool picture of our lake:

Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23rd, 2011

To start, we'd like to say thanks to our amazing Katie for dealing with the many bottles and cans we've had lying around for years! It was no easy feat--those bottles and cans were covered in years of slime and mold! However, now we'll have a new system with BottleDrop, and we'll have a green bag for collecting the bottles and cans. When it gets full, it can be turned in for cash. This should keep the pigeons away! What a great idea; thanks again, Katie!!

In very exciting and heart-warming horsey news, Tempest has made a new friend! For those of you who don't know her, Tempest is our blind appy mare. She's very closely bonded to Juliet, an older quarter horse. Both mares were on the feedlot in Yakima before getting to Hytyme. We've been worried about what will happen to Tempest if Juliet is no longer around, since Tempest is much more dependent on Juliet than the other way around. So, the other day, Jim noticed that Juliet was out grazing in the field, and Tempest was inside with Braveheart.

We're so happy that Tempest has made a new friend!

Also, in other very exciting news, Hytyme will be participating in the Eagle Creek Farm and Feed Customer Appreciation day on Saturday, September 24th!

Here's a link to the map: Eagle Creek Farm and Feed

They'll be having a raffle there to benefit three charities, and Hytyme is one!

We'll also be bringing one of our wonderfully adoptable horses, Spendy. Here's what her Dreamhorse ad says:

"Spendy is a sweet TB mare ready for a new home! This bay mare stands at about 16.1 hands tall and is about 11 years old. She is well started under saddle, having been ridden English and western. She walks, trots, canters and stops nicely and has even been over some small jumps. Spendy is easy to catch, tie, bathe, and with her feet. Intermediate rider recomended, adoption fee is $500."

So, we hope to see you there! It should be a great day. Stop by and say hello!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 10th, 2011

Here are some pictures of some of the recent Hytyme activities!

First up, the Walk For Laurie.

Katie Mae (aka Black Beauty) was a huge hit:
Katie Mae was also a great sport for pony rides:

Here are some pics of Hytyme friends and family during the Brain Tumor walk. This one prominently features Laurie and Nathan!
It was a beautiful day to be out walking along the banks of the Willamette for such a good cause. It was also wonderful to meet Laurie, Jim and Sherry's niece, among other friends and family.

Also, here are some pictures of the new round pen. Just for context, this new round pen is right inside the oldies' field. Atlas (his owner brought him by for a visit), and Devon modeled the new round pen for these pictures:

I'm sure there will be more round pen pictures to come!

During this hot week, Jim was busy filling in some of the low spots in the first barn. First, Jim got the dirt ready with his 39 year old Case backhoe. Then, Jim loaded the dirt into the GMC dumptruck--which is 22 years older than the backhoe. Both worked great!

Also this week, Vanessa and Alex were out to work with Spendy, Marquis, and Peanut Butter boy. All did quite nicely.
Marquis gets a bath!
Spendy again
Also, our Facebook page has a list of horses for adoption. Check them out! If you are interested, contact us!
Here is the link: Available Horses!!

In upcoming news, on September 24th, the Eagle Creek Feed store is having a customer appreciation day. We'll be bringing a horse who is ready for adoption! They'll be having a raffle, and the proceeds will benefit the rescue. It should be a fun day!