Sunday, February 3, 2013

January, 2013

Hello, Hytyme friends! Sorry for the delay in posts! A lot of cool stuff has happened during the month of January, so we'll let this blog entry cover the first few weeks of 2013. 

The first part of the month was cold--but dry!--and we had the usual weather-related concerns.   Cameo seemed to need some extra grain and attention, so she came to live with Rosa inside. Cameo is in her late twenties, and she is relishing all the activity and food inside the main barn! 

In this picture, Delilah and her pals are eating from a 575-pound round bale covered with a slow-feed haynet. Notice how the haynet is connected to some boards on the ground.  That is an invention by our fabulous volunteer, Doug.  It was a little time consuming attaching the hay net to the bale every time one needed to be replaced.  Jim told Doug how he could use a contraption to help cover the bale.  Doug suggested an idea, and it worked.  We call it the "Doug net."

It turns out that Doug has been quite busy coming up with ways to help Hytyme this month. Doug thought we needed some new safe tying areas in the arena. We use Blocker Tie Rings. It turns out that Ted Blocker lives in Estacada! Ted Blocker has toured with Clinton Anderson and is a real proponent of natural horsemanship methods. Doug contacted Ted Blocker, and he came out to the barn! He donated three extra Blocker Tie Rings, and now we have lots of safe places to tie horses available around the property. Thanks, Ted!

Speaking of tying, Doug came up with another excellent addition to the barn using the Blocker Tie Rings. In the above picture, fabulous volunteer Diane and Natasha model Doug's latest invention--crossties! It's a huge help to have the crossties available with new lighting in the main barn. Thanks, Doug! 

Diane is working with Natasha, Isis, Vanilla Bean, and Abby. All are doing great! Speaking of which, Diane and Doug have been able to work with Yuma, one of our long-term residents who is very fearful of people. Great job, guys! Thank you for taking on the most difficult horses as projects and getting them ready for adoption!

This weekend, we had our friend Dr. Rosario do teeth floating for Hope and Dallas. Both older mares needed to have their teeth fixed so they could enjoy all the benefits of their hay and grain. Dallas also had an eye injury to treat, and after a round of antibiotic ointment, she'll be fine! 

More to come soon! We have lots of exciting upcoming events. Here's a video our friend Michelle made of many of the drum and rescue horses at Hytyme. It's a neat video! Sunday at the Barn

Spring is coming soon, too!