Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 30th, 2011

Well, this was one soggy Memorial Day Weekend. The Columbia River is flooding, and the barns faced yet another series of muddy, wet days. Jim was joking that his feet have become webbed and have molded into the shape of rubber boots...luckily, this weekend is shaping up to be better, weather-wise.

Over the weekend, Katie, Sam, Becca, Michelle, Kim and Brooke all came out and worked. There were some herd dynamic issues afoot, so Marquis is now in with Yuma and the younger horses. The big field has been closed off again to the majority of the herd. Everyone is in the smaller winter pasture for a few weeks to let the grass regenerate itself. The only horses out on all the acreage are Sue, Granny, Dallas, Dreamer, Boss, and Olivia.

Here are some recent pictures of the herd life at Hytyme:
Buddy on the prowl
Shannon grazing
Vanilla Bean wakes up
Dallas (looking a whole lot better than she did all winter)
Boss and Olivia resting together
Chino, one of our trusty lesson horses

 And, another series. Here, Appa and Jaqueline try out their new scratching posts:
Jim found that if the brushes were angled slightly, the horses were more comfortable with them.

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