Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6th, 2011

Rain and mud, mud and rain--it seems that's all that has been happening at the rescue in these past few wet weeks. This is the worst spring in a long time--it's been cold, wet, and dreary weather for days on end. At least some of the trees are starting to sprout leaves and flowers are beginning to grow. Maybe spring is in sight? We need just a few warm days to get the big field growing, so the horses will have plenty of grass to enjoy.

Here are some mud pictures so you can see what the humans and horses of Hytyme are contending with:

If you come to the barn, you'll need some serious rubber boots...

Friday was the warmest day of the year, practically. All the regular volunteers were out, and they enjoyed the brief break from rain and wind. Saturday brought a bit of hail, and a biting, chilly wind. The horses all seemed a little loopy from the constant barometric changes. A few had gotten into the big field and spent all of Friday and Saturday running around and eluding the people who tried to catch them. Everyone was back safely by Saturday, though, after Jim lured the escapees from one field to the next with some delicious grain.

Michelle the Carrot Lady was back out at the barn this weekend, which is wonderful news! She's recovering from surgery, and we've definitely missed her. The horses have missed her, too. She mentioned that Shanu, a horse who called Hytyme home for a brief period before moving to California, was sick. Thankfully, it wasn't her time, and Shanu has made a good recovery.

Also, in more good news, we'd like to thank a long-time friend of Hytyme, Scott, for a wonderful donation of $500! Scott's been one of our biggest supporters and good friends over the past few years. Thank you, Scott, for everything!

One of Scott's favorite horses is Dunny. Dunny is a big red dun gelding with a lot of lameness issues. We'll talk more about Dunny on a future post (he's been doing wonderfully with a new kind of boot--a Boa Boot). Here is a picture, though, of Dunny and some new visitors to Hytyme:

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