Friday, November 23, 2012

Exciting (and delicious!) fundraiser!

Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving from all of the humans and horses at Hytyme! Hopefully you've enjoyed a lovely day with your family and friends (equine members included!).

 We've got an exciting new partnership to announce for the upcoming holiday season! Zara May's Handcrafted Fudge, makers of all-natural and organic fudge, want to help the Hytyme horses and have established a fundraiser for us. They'll donate 25% of their fudge sales to our rescue! 

Here's the link to the order forms, where you can peruse all the delicious options:

They're also displaying some of our current and former horses on their site--Hope, Shannon, Ada, Christy, and Masquerade and Coal. 

Share the link with your friends! Who doesn't want fudge for the holidays?

Thanks again to Zara's, and thanks to all of our friends!

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