Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March 30th, 2011

What a great day at Hytyme!

Several weeks ago, Sara, a teacher from the Oregon Trail Primary Academy contacted Jim. She taught a class of second and third graders. These second and third graders loved animals, especially horses. They wanted to help horses, and thus raised $202 dollars to donate to Hytyme. What a wonderful gift!

So, Sara arranged for her cass to take a field trip to Hytyme. The entire class came to the barn and had a tour with Jim. The twenty boys and girls from The Oregon Trail Primary Academy were some of the nicest kids Jim has ever met!

Here are some pictures of the kids as they toured the rescue:

Meeting Rosa

Meeting horses in the big field

Meeting Braveheart

There was one horse the kids couldn't wait to meet: Hope.

Hope's story is featured on the Hytyme website:, and so are the pictures of Hope as she recovered from starvation. The students from The Oregon Trail Primary Academy saw Hope's picture and read her story online and fell in love. Jim must have told her story ten times! All the kids laughed when Jim mentioned that her original name was Rhubarb.

Hope, as some of you may know, can be one tricky horse! She didn't want any part of being caught, but she came up to the side of the barn for a visit. All the kids were able to see her in person, and they could see what a rehabilitated rescue horse looks like.

Typical Hope!
Thanks again to Sara and the class at Oregon Trail Primary Academy for the really fun day and the hard work they put in to raise that money for us. We really appreciate it, and we'll remember this visit forever!

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